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Netility is a simple web-based network visualization tool enabling views of proteins and their interaction neighbours as found in iRefWeb. In addition to interactions, Netility is supplemented with data from DAnCER (Disease Annotated Chromatin Epigenetic Resource) providing information about homologs, domains, and diseases related to chromatin. Displaying these relationships as edges and treating domains and diseases as nodes allows you to see how a protein is related to other proteins beyond its interaction partners.

In general, generating a visualization of protein’s network is done by first finding the protein or gene of interest in either iRefWeb or DAnCER which offer many ways to filter and sort your search. However a simple search has also been implemented that allows you directly find and then view the network for protein, domain, disease or interaction.

A rendered network can be exported if desired to PNG, PDF, SIF, GRAPHML, and XGMML for further study and reference. This is can be useful when you have expanded the network beyond the initial target node.

In addition to Netility, we also offer a Cytoscape plugin OrthoNets for those desiring a more customizable, and sophisticated presentation. In particular, OrthoNets offers you the opportunity to view the networks of two organisms side-by-side.

Network for biological process GO term mitochondrion inheritance