The membrane is a complex, essential structure where approximately a third of all proteins in an organism are predicted to be anchored in the lipid layer. Because of their accessibility and essential roles, membrane proteins are vital for diagnostic and therapeutic importance. For example, 50% of currently known drug targets are either membrane receptors or ion channels.

Here, we present an extensive membrane proteomic survey using tandem affinity purification for 2 075 different affinity-tagged yeast integral membrane proteins involved in various aspects of membrane biology - including secretion vesicle and transport, endocytosis, signalling, peroxisomes, lipid metabolism and vacuolar membrane.

The project was conceived by Jack Greenblatt (JG) and Andrew Emili (AE) at the University of Toronto. The experimental aspect of the project was coordinated by Mohan Babu in the Emili and Greenblatt labs, and in collaboration with the lab of Elizabeth Conibear (EC) at the University of British Columbia. Computational analysis was carried out by James Vlasblom at the lab of Shoshana J. Wodak (SW), and in collaboration with members of the Greenblatt and Emili labs. This research was supported by grants from the CIHR FRN#81156 to E.C, CIHR MOP#82940 to S.W., and Genome Canada and the Ontario Genomics Institute to A.E. and J.G