About - GIPro - Wodak Lab

The analysis of genetic and physical interaction data, generated by high-throughput studies, has become increasingly challenging, necessitating feature-rich analysis and visualization tools to extract meaningful information from the sizable data. GIPro is a Cytoscape plugin developed to allow integrative analysis and visualization of high-throughput genetic and physical interaction data in the context of protein complexes.

There are three main components to the plugin:

  1. Enrichment analysis, which highlights complexes or pairs of protein complexes with a significant number of genetic interactions, unlikely to occur by chance.
  2. Visualization of interaction data in context of protein complexes, which allows groups of functionally related proteins to be viewed as a grouped node. These nodes can be expanded to display underlying proteins and their genetic/physical interactions.
  3. Visualization of raw genetic interaction data as well as correlation and genetic interaction profiles of different gene groups.