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Requirements: Cytoscape and JRE 1.5+

NEW  GenePro for Cytoscape 2.5.2    Download

Installation: Extract the zip file into your cytoscape installation directory. Launch Cytoscape by double clicking the cytoscape.bat or file. The Cytoscape Editor plugin can interfere with GenePro. It is recommended that you remove this plugin by deleting CytoscapeEditor.jar from the plugins directory.

Change Log (10/04/2008 7:12PM):

  • Fixed expression loading
  • Compiled for Java 1.5
  • Version numbering changed to match the recommended Cytoscape version for the plugin
  • Fixed problem which caused multiple edges between pie nodes in some cases.
  • Added example browser dialog
  • Webstart and standalone versions now share a common code base

Archived Versions

GenePro 2.3.1 Plugin and Documentation for cytoscape 2.4    Download
GenePro 2.3 Plugin and Documentation for Cytoscape 2.3.2    Download
GenePro 2.2 Release 2 Plugin and Documentation for Cytoscape 2.2    Download
GenePro Tutorial Download
GenePro Tutorial Example Data Download
GenePro Tutorial Videos (62 Megs) Download