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The Krogan dataset (see example data) mapped onto the MIPS complexes
A close up view of a MIPS complex, showing some of the protein-protein interactions found by Krogan et. al
Response of genes within the MIPS complexes to Heat.Shock.05.minutes.hs.1, as measured by Gasch et al. Red spikes indicate over expression, and green wedges indicate under-expression.

The analysis of protein and gene interaction networks has become a major focus of present day systems biology. GenePro is a Cytoscape plug-in for the visualization and analysis of protein and gene interaction networks at multiple levels of resolution.

At low resolution, GenePro displays individual clusters of proteins or genes as nodes, and the relationships between them as edges. Each node can optionally be colored as a pie graph, illustrating the distribution of that cluster's members within a second network. This greatly facilitates the validation of functional modules - by allowing visual comparisons to known modules - and the analysis of cluster characteristics such as biological function, cellular localization, or evolutionary conservation.

At high resolution, the cluster members and their mutual interactions are displayed for more detailed analysis. GenePro furthermore offers various options of mapping conditions dependent mRNA expression levels onto protein interactions networks and networks of complexes.

GenePro is produced in association with the Centre for Computational Biology at the Hospital for Sick Children, the department of Molecular and Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto, and the department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto.

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