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Search: find curated yeast complexes that fit your criteria

Above the search box, you will find examples of search categories and possible search terms for each. Complexes that match your query will be listed in a box, and their details will follow. Clicking on a complex will allow you to jump to its detail. If a domain name was queried, the ORF containing that domain will be starred; otherwise, all ORFs are starred. Clicking on the ORF or gene will reveal further details about it (i.e. different aliases and domains). Clicking on a GO or Pubmed ID will navigate you to their respective GO or Pubmed pages.

A list of columns and their definitions

  • Complex: curated yeast complex name
  • Size: number of subunits in the complex
  • GO ID: Gene Ontology accession number
  • GO Term: Gene Ontology term
  • GO Size: number of genes in entire yeast genome annotated for current ontology
  • GO Type: c = cellular component, p = biological process
  • Common: number of genes annotated for current complex and ontology
  • Fraction: (Common) / (Size)
  • Probability: probability that the fraction would occur by chance based on hypergeometric distribution
  • E-Value: expected value of probability adjusted for multiple testing


Browse: look through the entire list of complexes

The complexes are in alphabetical order. Click on the complex name heading to reverse alphabetical order. Click on a complex to see detailed information. As with the search page, GO and Pubmed ID fields are linked to their respective GO and Pubmed pages. ORF and gene fields are linked to detailed information about the ORF.

Download: save data sets onto your computer

There are two versions of the two datasets that are available for download. For MS-Excel files, click on the link to save them to your computer. For the tab-delimited text files, right click on the file and select "Save Target As...", "Save Link As..." or "Save Linked Content As..." depending on your browser.

In addition, the PSI MI file format for the CYC2008 dataset can be saved in the same fashion as the text files.


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