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User Manual
Example Data

Installing the Plugin

To install the plugin, download the GIProPlugin JAR file above and save the file to the ‘plugins’ subdirectory of your Cytoscape installation.

System Requirements

  • Cytoscape 2.8.1 or newer
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 100MB of Disk space

Java’s default memory should be increased with vm arguments when using this plug-in, unless small datasets are being used.
See here for more information on how to increase Cytoscape memory

What's in the Example Data?

Four files are included in the Example data package. These example data files are all derived from published work (see below for details of the sources) and are provided here solely for the purpose of illustrating the capability of GIPro. The completeness of these datasets is not guaranteed and thus may not be suitable for biologically meaningful analysis.

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A yeast ORF to gene name map derived from the SDG database.