Complex Cdc42p/Ste20p complex - CYC2008 - Wodak Lab

Cdc42p/Ste20p complex Size 2

Enriched GO Terms
GO ID GO Term GO Size GO Type Common Fraction Probability E-Value
GO:0043332 mating projection tip 34 c 2 1 2.82E-5 5.56E0
GO:0000750 pheromone-dependent signal transduction during conjugation with cellular fusion 29 p 2 1 2.04E-5 1.26E1
GO:0001403 invasive growth in response to glucose limitation 48 p 2 1 5.67E-5 3.49E1
GO:0007096 regulation of exit from mitosis 20 p 2 1 9.55E-6 5.88E0
GO:0007124 pseudohyphal growth 65 p 2 1 1.05E-4 6.43E1
ORF Gene Method Pubmed ID
YHL007C STE20 Affinity Capture-Western 9003780
YLR229C CDC42 Affinity Capture-Western 9003780