Complex Sec61p translocon complex - CYC2008 - Wodak Lab

Sec61p translocon complex Size 3

Enriched GO Terms
GO ID GO Term GO Size GO Type Common Fraction Probability E-Value
GO:0005784 translocon complex 5 c 3 1 2.39E-10 4.71E-5
GO:0006616 SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane, translocation 10 p 3 1 2.87E-9 1.77E-3
GO:0030970 retrograde protein transport, ER to cytosol 3 p 3 1 2.39E-11 1.47E-5
GO:0031204 posttranslational protein targeting to membrane, translocation 8 p 3 1 1.34E-9 8.24E-4
ORF Gene Method Pubmed ID
YDR086C SSS1 Co-purification 7961662
YER087C-B SBH1 Co-purification 7961662
YLR378C SEC61 Co-purification 7961662