Complex Pho85p/Pcl2p complex - CYC2008 - Wodak Lab

Pho85p/Pcl2p complex Size 2

Enriched GO Terms
GO ID GO Term GO Size GO Type Common Fraction Probability E-Value
GO:0000307 cyclin-dependent protein kinase holoenzyme complex 14 c 2 1 4.57E-6 9.01E-1
GO:0005634 nucleus 1167 c 2 1 3.42E-2 6.74E3
GO:0032878 regulation of establishment or maintenance of cell polarity 4 p 2 1 3.02E-7 1.86E-1
ORF Gene Method Pubmed ID
YDL127W PCL2 Affinity Capture-Western 7973731
YDL127W PCL2 Reconstituted Complex 7973731
YPL031C PHO85 Affinity Capture-Western 7973731
YPL031C PHO85 Reconstituted Complex 7973731